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About Virtual Brand Partners

Renee Dutia's journey to launch Virtual Brand Partners

Post-pandemic is critical  time as we across the world  recover back to pre pandemic levels.

 Dutia made a decision to incorporate and blend her coaching expertise to share the proven method of  

expertise of empowering the front line workers by offering  a coach the  coach program of  

'"The art of Appreciation for amazing  outcomes" to airports, contractors and service provides and brands. 

Dutia will work with industry associations, non-profits, institutions and corporate clients to launch  this initiative  

world wide in Airport and travel Tourism  sector.


Virtual Brand Partners is a benefit corporation founded by Renee Dutia on the premise of helping front line workers to become well-rounded individuals. Every  associate is a stakeholder is an asset to any company, and Virtual Brand Partners' mission is to ensure everyone is at optimal performance. 

Be Awesome Blueprint 

Through Virtual Brand Partners, Renee Dutia brings her  "Be Awesome Blueprint," a bespoke sponsored coaching program that will engage, impact and empower workforce. 


Through "Be Awesome Blueprint," a supplemental and on-demand sponsored coaching program,  managers , supervisors who are influencers can easily serve as the mouthpiece to advocate for Art of Appreciation and act as as good will builders for the airport snd the employer.

 Studies have shown those who strive to increase their overall self-awareness to become better communicators and relationship managers retain and grow in their  career. 


During the pandemic, Renee recognized the need to rebuild the workforce and businesses faster.

With high unemployment and companies struggling to retain workers, she realized that associates need direction and micro bite empowerment more than ever to get familiar and comfortable to a fast paced airport concourse  environment. This is all about meeting the associates where they are at and acknowledging them  in their spot with gratitude and appreciation. 


"Be Awesome Blueprint" is a sponsored coaching program that industry associations, non-profits, institutions or corporations can implement in many ways including small group coaching, workshops, and bespoke digital online program with course bespoke  content all with one mission to teach "Art of Appreciation for Amazing Outcomes".

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