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About Renee Dutia

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Making Things Happen

For the last three decades, I have been the go-to person that can deal with complex projects. Trusted by senior leadership, CEOs and heads of procurement, I am someone who executes flawless, creative and detailed projects within budgets. I build teams that deliver immaculate results, which provide joint success for all stakeholders.  

Seasoned Airport Concessions Professional 

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As a Travel Retail and Food & Beverage industry concessionaire, I deliver operational excellence in demanding environments by overcoming staff shortages, improving workforce retention and reskilling priorities. I thrive at handling contracts, setting clear goals and collaborating efficiently with JV partners and vendors, ensuring we work together to achieve joint success. 

I can deliver my commitments through my ability to work with diverse teams on the ground and across the globe. I seek opportunities that offer new challenges. I am always striving to exceed expectations through structured and enthusiastic leadership. 

With a customer-focused mindset, I understand the needs, demands and challenges of the Travel Retail and Food & Beverage businesses in airport concessions. 

As a JV operator managing teams, I have played a pivotal role in establishing and setting priorities to secure long-term contracts that drive CSX practices and deliver excellent results to landlords and prime operators. 

Expertise & Specialties

Airport & Municipal RFPs & Bids

Merchandising Sourcing

Management & Leadership

Business Development

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Membership & Affiliations

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