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Virtual Brand Partners

A minimalist approach that simplifies and creates the transformation and awareness of front-line workers to elevate the customer experience!

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Renee Dutia had to shift within herself post-pandemic when she realized everything had changed. At this time, the pandemic had created chaos in the service sector and supply chains. As a result, contractors and the new workforce needed more touch points than before. It's here she realized she could have a considerable impact by becoming a coach and being the mouthpiece in creating change.


Her minimalist approach

With absolute chaos worldwide, two things remained evident in the airport industry. One, taking care of workers and two, taking care of passengers. She saw the need for change, and her minimalist approach simplifies the transformation and awareness of front-line workers so they can provide a relatable and efficient approach to customers and customer service. 


Her minimalist approach removes friction, chaos and confusion. 


Through "Be Awesome Blueprint," Dutia will implement her minimalist approach. The bespoke sponsored coaching program will be the mouthpiece of transformation among airport managers and front-line workers. 



Airport front-line workers work in an intense, fast-moving and demanding work environment. Managers do not have the time or space to provide continual motivation or empowerment to their employees. 


Airport Challenge

The marketing and communication department's focus is launching and managing a high-level customer experience. Providing satisfactory customer service becomes difficult when airport workers are not working as a team. 



Through "Be Awesome Blueprint," a supplemental and on-demand sponsored coaching program, general managers will have the resources to support them in building highly effective teams. In addition, they can transform front-line workers into self-motivated brand ambassadors for airports or any company. 


General managers will have access to workshops, small group coaching and the digital online course program. They'll choose whatever fits them and their team best. 

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