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Meet Renee Dutia!

Renee Dutia's life has been a continuing voyage of business discovery.

Her roots are in Mumbai, India, from where she migrated to the U.S. in 1979, settling in Dallas, Texas. She began her career as a Gemologist, successfully sustaining a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors in New York, Dallas and beyond. International trade came naturally to her. With multifaceted business lines, she discovered and earned a spot in the Airport Concessions industry.

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My Journey as an Explorer  

My roots
Growing up as a gilded child in Bombay, India, I always had an eye on the sky and a strong desire to explore the possibilities of the unknown. So when the universe created circumstances, I moved to the United States and was determined to be a Gemologist.


I aspired to be in the trade of fine jewelry and gems, but little did I know that women didn't own their trading firms. However, I did not want to take "no" for an answer. So, against the sound advice of many and with strong determination, I chose a road less traveled to explore the possibilities of being in the diamond trade! The journey was full of adventure, challenges, discovery and evolution.


Being in the diamond trade chiseled my thinking and taught me life experiences that later shaped my foundation for lifelong success and diversified my businesses and my unique leadership style.


I was determined to master the art of fine jewelry and the trade of high-end merchandising. To do this, I had to be a curious, creative and courageous explorer. I had to take risks, grow trusting relationships and manage my business ethically, which became my personal brand's hallmark.

The start of my new adventure

In the late 80s and early 90s, few women operated as independent brokers in the global jewelry and merchandising trade. To be embraced, I had to learn to be the best and add value to the competitive industry led by successful, well-established firms. I was fortunate to meet mentors and sponsors who paved the way for my growth.


By mastering the art of appreciation and relationship management, I built my personal brand as a trusted partner and performer. 

I remained sharp to keep up with the trends and technology and launched several bespoke merchandise programs and product lines that brought my clients and vendors success, which benefited me.

As an explorer, I encountered many situations in business where I had to modify my approach. But, by being "curious, creative and courageous," I found the answers. 

I continued to remind myself that "success starts with me" as my mantra, and taking care of my team was the foundation of my business. 

Through this mindset, I built a framework for being an "explorer for success" and created a trusted team around me. I developed a simple process to discover the clients' and vendors' hidden gems and talents to understand the motivation and preferences of all stakeholders. This process gave me a crystal clear understanding, leading me to fulfillment, joyful life and success.


  • NCTRCA Outstanding ACDBE Award

  • Regional Award for Manufacturing from the U.S. Department of Commerce

  • Presidents award for the Asian American Citizens Council

  • Venus Award for the Asian American Contractors Association of Texas

  • Champion of Diversity-DFW International Airport Concessions

  •  U.S. Small Business Administration Emerging 200 Graduate of E200 Program

  • Venus Award for the Asian American Contractors Association of Texas

  • Champion of Diversity-DFW International Airport Concessions

  •  U.S. Small Business Administration Emerging 200 Graduate of E200 Program

Civic Engagements

A graduate of Leadership Dallas, Ms. Dutia served a four-year term on the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce board of directors. She serves on the Advisory Board of directors for the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce. She is the representative liaison to the White House Commission for Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.  She currently serves on the DFW Asian-American Citizens Council.  Her specific expertise includes legislative action and the Women’s Business Forum.  


In addition, Ms. Dutia serves on the boards of the North Texas Business for Cultures and the Arts, the Indian-American Friendship Council - a national organization with a particular interest in programs focusing on trade with India, and the Coalition of Asian American Business Organization, which is over three thousand entrepreneurs and professionals formally joined in this nationwide network.

Engaged in various civic boards and commissions, Renee has been a part of every spoke in the economic wheel of the North Texas region and beyond, ranging from the arts to professional mentoring and community service throughout Texas. 

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