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Airport Concessions Portfolio 

Hudson Nonstop

Our latest example of elevating our passenger's experience is the new implementation of the Hudson Nonstop store at Dallas Love Field Airport in partnership with Amazon's Just Walk Out Technology. This technology brings a new way of purchasing travel essentials at the airport. 

Just Walk Out Technology.png

This concept will allow passengers to scan their cards, walk into the store, grab items, and go about their day without waiting in lines. The Hudson Nonstop store is the first of many in North America to use this innovation, another step in Regali's effort to make its passengers’ journey fast and seamless.

Essential elements to enhance passenger's experience

Under a Joint Venture with Hudson Group, a Dufry company, Regali operates a variety of store formats, such as a full-size Hudson 3-in-1 store that integrates Dunkin' with Hudson Books. As a global operator of recognizable travel retail brands, passengers view our stores as a destination for comfort. 

Airport Concessions caters to everyone with various products at all price levels. In addition, our employees stock all travel essential stores with an assortment of products that change with trends, tastes and seasons. All stores are staffed with a knowledgeable and engaging team whose mission is to add pleasure and joy to a passenger's journey. 


Regali implements its success formula through employee empowerment, product replenishment, product promotions and the velocity room, exceeding its partner's and airport's expectations. Through coordinated efforts with general managers and advanced planning with vendors and data driven forecasting we manage the supply chain effetely.

Specialty Retail and Boutique Stores

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Passengers want something unique, personal or memorable when shopping at our stores. Our job is to identify those needs and satisfy their wants. Because each terminal is different, the tastes of those passengers are also different. We succeed in meeting passenger needs by working with compelling brands and products that will excite and intrigue our customers. 

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